Yuuya Kaneko,  RMT

Yuuya is a registered massage therapist (RMT) with many years of personal training experience and a background in esthetics. He specializes in providing effective and therapeutic deep tissue massage, incorporating techniques from Tuina, Japanese Shiatsu, and his expertise in head and face massage. Additionally, he offers personalized home care exercises and stretching routines for each client's specific condition, a service not commonly provided by many other massage therapists.

Yuuya believes in the strong connection between mental and physical fatigue. His goal is for clients to leave feeling better both mentally and physically than when they arrived at the clinic. He uses the right amount of pressure to provide relaxation and pain relief according to each client's needs. 

(Michelle) Ming-Hsueh Hu, RMT

Michelle is a dedicated and qualified remedial massage therapist with experience in Swedish techniques. Her expertise is in Swedish technique and deep-tissue massage, which provides successful relief to patients suffering from many conditions including shoulder, neck pain, frozen shoulder, headaches, migraine, pregnancy, and piriformis syndrome. 

Michelle's goal is to assist patients in achieving optimal wellness by relieving pain resulting from injury and life stresses. She continues to expand her knowledge about nutrition and health care and aromatherapy. Her warm and sincere approach to massage, and her passion for the therapy.

(Jennifer) Yin Li, RMT

Jennifer specializes in providing deep tissue Swedish massage combining with Chinese Tuina to target any long-term and short-term muscle problems. She treats a diverse range of conditions including but not limited to sciatica, frozen shoulder, tension headache, MVA, prenatal, sports injuries and etc. She provides constructive feedbacks and clear homecare instructions to ensure clients continue to maintain and improve their muscle health.

Jennifer enjoys taking on new challenges and witnessing progress during individuals' healthcare journeys. She believes in preventative care and often provides tips and referrals to clients to help them target problems early.

Jennifer graduated from ICT Kikkawa College with a massage diploma in 2016. She is an active member in good standing with CMTO (College of Massage Therapy Ontario). 

Yeung Hung Lam,  RMT

Yeung graduated from Wellsprings College in 2014 and has been practicing since. He is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. During his tenure as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Yeung has worked with a multitude of diverse clients. He specializes in treatment of chronic joint pain via deep tissue and trigger point therapy, but also know for good relaxation, circulation improving and pain relief techniques. He values a comfortable working environment for his clients.

Yeung looks forward to developing a customized treatment plan while helping you with your massage therapy needs.

(Polly) Yunbo Zhou,  R.Ac

Polly hails from a family of traditional Chinese medicine. Fueled by her love and commitment to preserving this heritage, she has accumulated over a decade of learning in Chinese medical knowledge and techniques. 

Polly graduated from the John & Jenny TCM College in Canada, where she earned her qualification in acupuncture. Polly further honed her skills through clinical practice under the guidance of acupuncturists at the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Polly has her own understanding of treating ailments like shoulder, neck, waist, and leg pain, dizziness, headache, post-stroke symptoms, dysmenorrhea, and overall body conditioning. She utilizes her deep knowledge of Chinese medical theories to offer tailor-made treatment plans for her patients.

(Paul) Yourong Wu,    RMT.   R.Ac

Paul is a highly skilled and dedicated registered massage therapist (RMT) and registered acupuncturist (R.Ac) with a profound background in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. With a passion for holistic healing and a commitment to enhancing the well-being of his clients, Paul has established himself as a trusted practitioner in the field.

Paul’s journey into the world of therapeutic healing began with a deep fascination for the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a system that has been honed over thousands of years. His quest for knowledge led him to pursue extensive training and education, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the intricate balance between physical and energetic aspects of the human body.

(Gerry) Yue Chen, RMT

Gerry is Graduated with outstanding performance in massage therapy program of Pharma Medical Science College of Canada. He is practice as RMT more than 6 years and treat more than 40 clients per week. His major practice is deep tissue massage and focusing on sports injury, post surgery rehabilitation and chronic pain management.

He treats effectively on the conditions like Frozen Shoulders, Low Back Pain, Sciatic Nerve issues, Joints disfunction.etc. Not only he is expertly provides Tuina massage, he has many more to offer for treatment needs. that is the technic combined with Japanese Shiatsu, Swedish Relaxation and Thai massage.